$GOMIX Simplified


A token on the Binance smart chain, $GOMIX is in fact more than just a single token, but the cornerstone of three different services which combine into one ecosystem.
GhostSwap, GhostMixer, and GhostBridge

First and foremost, GhostMixer is a privacy tool designed to decouple your personal wallets from each other on the blockchain. GhostMixer serves as a middleman between your two wallet, anonymizing your binance smart chain wallet. Take the following example:
Jon wants to create a wallet not tied to any of his other previous wallets or a CEX. He deposits BNB from his old wallet into GhostMixer, waiting for the coins to be anonimized for him, and then withdraw his coins into a new fresh wallet. The only transaction on the record would then be the withdraw from GhostMixer. This breaks the link between your multiple wallets on the BSC, breaking the transactional history of your wallet and providing superior privacy against hackers, law enforcement, online crypto exchanges, or simply nosy wallet watchers. Ghostmixer uses zk-SNARK cryptography to break the on-chain link between the reipient address and the assets it receives. GhostMixer takes the previously pseudoanonymous BSC blockchain into fully anonymous territory using smart contracts as a completely trustless entity to mix the tokens. See our youtube channel for a more in depth explanation

GhostSwap is an anonymous exchange, meant to incentivize liquidity and leech off of larger DEXs, akin to what Sushiswap has recently done to Uniswap. Its use in conjunction with the other ghost services will be fully integrated all on the same site. Meaning you can mix, trade, and transfer tokens all in the same place.

Ghostbridge is a decentralised cross chain bridge, which facilitates transfer of tokens between Ethereum, Binance, and DOT chains. This service may be particularly useful to individuals living in the US or other countries which are hostile to Binance and ban use of the Binance bridge within their country. Binance serving as a single point of failure as a bridge between BSC and other chains has had detrimental effects in the past, where they shot the bridge down after a major rugpull
GhostBridge breaks the monopoly on the BSC bridge to other chains like ETH. And not only that, but it is decentralised and therefore cannot be turned off and on on the whims of the binance website. This ensures you are always able to safely and anonymously enter and exit your money, no matter how aggressive the waters of cryptocurrency trading get.

But where does $GOMIX, the token surrounding all three services come in? Well in short: Revenue Sharing.
That’s right. All processing and trading fees from using Ghost services go directly towards $GOMIX. It can also be used to vote on changes to the ecosystem and even propose changes yourself (if you’re a large enough holder). Ghost reinvests all profits from its mixer, exchange, and bridge, directly back into its token, benefiting its holders and proliferators.




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